User Rating: 7.7 | Major League Baseball 2K5: World Series Edition XBOX
Alright, So i am canadian and baseball isnt our fav past time guess what is.....Of course Tiddly winks.... Nah of course not its hockey even though my fav is basketball. So i always loved playing baseball and hated watching it but enjoyed playing the video games. so here we go

First inpression. I like the presentation. Hey wow i can import my own tunes just like all of the Sega games.....Yikes what the ..............

Game play. All right i will try an dnot be biased since i am addicted to MVP 05 . But the gameplay is rough in this one. Not easy at all. the pitching sucks the hitting is allright and i though the fielding was terrible. I like the extra stuff in it though like sceniero*spelled wrong) mode

- Graphics . Ouch not to be desired.

Sound. Get to input my own tunes. How cool is that, Its best feature.

Over all. I dont like it. I know its suppose to be sim like. But to have bad game play . the only thing i can suggest and it concurrs with 99.9% of the poeple who have played these 2 games " MVP 05" blows this game out of the water.......Hey you sunk my battleship...