Improves soo much from the previous year

User Rating: 9.2 | Major League Baseball 2K5 XBOX
MLB 2K5 gets it right after starting out as a good franchise, but last year it had a big low. This year, there isn't too much to hate about this game.

The most noticeable is the cleaner and most improved graphics. Last year's were muddy and choppy at best. The player's faces look much better and you can actually tell who the player is.

Another improvement is the addiction of the homerun derby modes. These can entertain for hours and hours.


Too many wild pitches.
The fielding plays happen waaaayyy too often ex.( everytime you hit a ball just a homerun, the computer will jump and grab the ball over the wall).
Sometimes the game can get choppy for me and freeze on occasion.

Overall: 9.2

This game is fun and addictive. The bugs aren't that big enough to take away from a fun time.