I love baseball. 2k11 was an okay game. Was expecting 2k12 to be better. It's the SAME EXACT GAME.

User Rating: 1.5 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
The season mode.. exactly the same.. Commentators say the same thing every game, pitching.. the same.. hitting the same.. NOTHING NEW besides new players. Even the Orioles logo hasn't been updated. Just keep 2k11. This game is horrible. It's only good when you have absolutely no other game to play. I recommend Super Bases loaded on Super Nintendo over this. The gameplay is exactly the same. Once a pitcher allows 2 hits, he automaticly sucks until the cpu take him out. I'm not a supporter of The Show series on PS3.. never played it, But for 2k sports to come out with the same exact game with new jerseys is just rediculous.

Online play. Wasn;t too bad. Everyone picks the best teams leaving it unfair for you to pick a team with 80 or less overall. Everyone just is allowed to pick the yankees which are way over rated.

Graphics - Same as MLB 2k11. The players look like clay and look as they can barely even run. The stadium advertises 2k sports so much its such an eye booger. Weather is not a factor at all in the games. They need to add stadium affects because at toronto its about impossible to catch a pop fly at 1st base.

Gameplay- Same as MLB2k12. Outfielders make impossible grabs and can run from right field to left and catch a ball. The ball flys to high in the air and some players shouldn't hit right to the outfielder all the time. No miracle grabs and need something new for next years game.