The best overall offering of Sim Baseball in the 2K series... and a really enjoyable game for those who only have a 360.

User Rating: 8 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
I have been a Gamespot website user for about two to three years and I usually go with their views on games (metacritic has them 1.6 review points lower than the average reviewer--which is all right because critiquing a game is just that, CRITIQUING what is good or bad about it). However, in the case of MLB 2K12, I have to disagree with the low score of 5.5. MLB 2K12 is an improvement over 2K11 and although may not be worth a $60 price tag in my opinion, I would EASILY say $40.00 is a passable and satisfactory price for this game (and I am a broke college student). Not only is it the only offering of sim baseball on the Xbox 360; but it also is a pretty good one and the best in the 2K series in my opinion.

Patches have been released that have addressed some issues discussed here: such as wonky camera and bridge animations (although could be better). Please see link for reference point on patches:

In my opinion, the bottom line of MLB 2K12 is that it is an improvement over MLB 2K11 and a more organic game of baseball (although not up to the realisticness presented in the Show's graphics) than MLB 2K11 as you are not able to chease or exploit Roy Halladay's low curve ball to attempt to throw a perfect game.

While the game could be improved, I think it to be above a "mediocre" offering of baseball... I mean without the pitching improvements, MLB 2K11 received a 7.5 and this received a 5.5??? I feel obliged to disagree... sorry.

Yet, if some do not have Xbox Live Silver and are not able to get the updates released for this game, I think the above mentioned issues of wonky cameras and bridge animation hiccups do apply.