Do not buy MLB 2K13; no chance it's better than this... That isn't saying much though.

User Rating: 6 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
MLB 2K12 is a baseball simulation game from Take-Two Interactive and 2K Sports.

It literally is the same game as MLB 2K11, with roster updates, stat updates, and a few cosmetic changes. The only new thing, the MLB Today Season mode, instantly becomes irrelevant after the season ends.

A few step ups from 2K11 are the commentary which is actually pretty solid, and just the overall graphics and presentation. However, both of these should be expected when moving into a new year of a sports genre game.

The uniform colors are very inconsistent. For example, the Indians' away jerseys are nearly black, not the light gray that they should be. The Yankees blue almost looks periwinkle in my eyes. That may be nitpicking, but for a game that added almost nothing, you'd think they'd get the uniforms correct.

MyPlayer is pretty much the same as 2K11 as well, and doesn't even come close to comparing to the NBA 2K MyPlayer. Too easy, even on the hardest difficulties.

The gameplay is smooth in the field, at bat, and on the mound, but baserunning is still hard to master and feels even clunkier than in 2K11 this time around.

All in all, if you want a roster update from 2K11, go ahead and pick-up 2K12 at it's likely discounted current price.

However, do NOT buy MLB 2K13. Reviews are already pouring out saying that it's even more of a rehash than MLB 2K12 was.

A rehash of a rehash? No thanks, 2K.