Fun gameplay, ample improvements, gamebreaking glitches

User Rating: 6 | Major League Baseball 2K11 X360
First I'm not a hater I actually love the gameplay aspects of MLB2k11. The graphics are still kinda eh but it looks good enough and its graphics arent as bad as some people are saying. My only real complain is the glitches, I mean i payed $60 day 1 for this game and I still havnt played as much as I would have liked too. I tried starting a season as I only play franchise modes in sports games. I played about 5 games when i realized players on my team never carry fatigue over from game to game (obviously this is a well known issue by now) and also that there are wayyyy too many injuries (yes i know theres injuries in baseball but in 5 games i lost all my starters on the red sox except daisuke for an extended period of time). So for now I cant give this game more than a 6 but when these issues are patched as well as the other well known gamebreakers I can easily see myself giving this game an 8. So for those of you looking to buy MLB2k11 I think it has potential to be a great game once these issues are patched, so I would suggest holding off for a little while to see if theres a price drop or a sale.