User Rating: 7 | Major League Baseball 2K11 X360
Let me preface by stating that I bought both MLB 11 the Show and MLB 2K11 this year, and I have played both games. Overall, MLB 2K11 is a decent game.

I really do like the pitching. It takes a bit to get used to it, and to master it, but it grows on you. However, I am finding that the advantage lies with the hitter. This should not be the case. The batters (minus the other pitcher) tend to not chase pitches when they are in "pitchers counts" (0-2, 1-2). They do not even swing at "borderline" pitches. It's just not realistic. And what irritated me the most was the fact that they did not give Roy Halladay, who is the cover athlete, the correct pitches. Yes, he throws a sinker, cutter, change, curve....but they left out the fastball! In reality, Halladay throws a plethora of different pitches (4 seam, 2 seam, cutter, sinker, curve, slider, change), but to leave out the 4 and 2 seam fastball is criminal. If anything, they should have left out the curve, he probably throws that less than any other pitch. I know that I can modify this myself, however, I should not have to. He is on the COVER!

Batting is actually pretty simple. It is all about timing, and it does not take long to master. I actually think that it is too easy. I do like how 2K does the swing stick...I actually like it more than how the Show does theirs.

Ok. This is an area that I have a problem. I have been playing the My Player mode. I made my guy a short stop. His stats are getting better, and I understand how to anticipate the throw. I actually start my throw before the ball is in my glove (I press the button or move the joystick in the direction of the base). However, when it is a double play situation, it seems like my player delays when starting his throw, so it is extremely hard to turn the double play. This infuriates me! If I am quick with the throw stick or button, then I should be rewarded with a timely throw. Not only that, but their base runners all seem to run way too fast around the bases, including from home to first. Not only that, but there does not seem to be a way to correct a mistake. Say that I start pressing my button to throw to second before the ball reaches my glove, but then the runner on third tries to advance, you can not change your throw from second. That should not happen. Not in any way realistic.

Running the Bases:
I am not a big fan of their running system. I do like how they use the right analog stick to pick what base to run to. It is simple, only takes a bit to get used to. I do not like how they use the right trigger to steal. I do not like their "hold and release" way of stealing bases. They should have used a different button, maybe the right bumper, to start the runner. It just seems to have too much going on when you have multiple runners on base.

They are pretty good. No comparison to the Show. If you turn on both, and look at the same stadium, the Show just looks clearer and more realistic. The players look ok. Some look better than others. (Charlie Manuel, manager of the Phillies, sort of resembles the Emporer from Star Wars).

Online play:
Let me first state that I have a very good internet connection, and have not experience many problems with online gaming. However, I absolutely HATED my online experience with MLB 2K11. Awful! It was glitchy, lagged, and irritating. The timing was off. You seem to have to start your swing earlier than when playing offline, which almost completely neutralizes the power swing. Looks as if I will not be playing my friends online.

Like I said. It's ok. If you do not own a PS3, and have never seen the Show, then I think that you will enjoy plaing this game. If you do own a PS3, and are looking to purchase a baseball game, buy the Show instead. I say, 7 out of 10.