Most of It Is Essentially a Rehash of MLB 2K10, but it is Still a Fun Game, Regardless

User Rating: 7.5 | Major League Baseball 2K11 X360
The Good:
-Presentation is more refined (The lighting effects on the field have never looked better.)
-Animations are solid (Especially the pitching.)
-Commentary is still pretty good, even if Gary Thorne, Steve Phillips, and John Kruk sound as though they have not recorded any new dialogue at times.
-Pitching has been improved a little (the new throwing meter isn't bad either).
-Controls have been tweaked a little (The fielding, routine plays, etc. are more fluent.)
-Online play is as fun as ever.

The Bad:
-Save for roster updates and whatnot not much has changed over MLB 2K10 (Sure, it's a sports game and sports games are essentially the same thing every year, but the gameplay options, menu layout, etc. are pretty much the same as they were in its predecessor.)
-Frame Rate tends to hitch up here and there (this tends to happen when the ball is hit into play.)
-Soundtrack is hit-or-miss (It is not as annoying and all-over-the-place as MLB 2K10's soundtrack, but it still jarringly switches from indie rock to hard rock often.)
-Players' faces still look a little misshapen.