Save the $60.00, Keep 2k10 over 2k11!

User Rating: 9.5 | Major League Baseball 2K10 X360
Pros: Easy straight ahead controls; Extremely addictive, "My Player" mode; Pitching right mixture of challenging, and fun; Base running Controls, Graphics; Excellent Play by Play, Just allot of fun!

Cons: Some player throwing motions don't match, base stealing is tough.

I've read all the raves about, "MLB The Show." I will only mention this game in passing, as it game isn't available on X-Box 360. That said, I will say, in playing, "The Show," while undeniably cool, The graphics are incredible, but base running is frustrating as hell, and hitting..well, I don't actually don't really want to try to hit Paplebon, I'd just like to simulate it in a game!

Now MLB 2K10. I've read people wining about this game for years. That is justified, since 2k9, and below were basically worthless crap, but, as Vin Scully would say, "Oh Doctor" did they finally get it right in 2010.

O.k., when an outfielder throws into second, or third, his motion is awkward, as if he's throwing to first, and some of the faces are kind of generic. Who Cares!! I'm concerned with game play, not how handsome my computer generated player is, or every animation being perfect, (Though I'd like to see it fixed in the next game.) Gameplay in 2k10 is Excellent.


The pitching controls are done with the left stick. You must time your forward and back motion on a Fastball just right to get the maximum effect of the pitch. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but is easily mastered, yet still challenging enough to make it fun, not frustrating! 9.5/10


Hitting is all about timing, as with, The Show, but not as grinding your teeth frustrating! It is more forgiving as far as contact is concerned, but you have to time things right, not swing at crap, and anticipate what the pitcher might throw to put together a string of hits. Like the pitching the concept is simple enough, with right amount of challenge to keep you coming back, but not so "Realisic," making you want to throw your console out the window!
It is very immersive, making you feel like you have a bat in your hands, and are facing a real pitcher. 9/10


Is easy enough. There is a little lag in the movement of the right stick, and the player getting to top speed, getting to the ball, but not to a ridiculous point. For the most part, it is responsive, and realistic. Like in real life, you're not going to chase down a fly ball that is 50 feet over your head, nor will you not get to a ball you have to move a few feet for. A little practice, and you'll master it. 7.5/10,

Base running: If you want to take an extra base, you pull the left trigger, if you want to move all base runners, pull the left bumper. Simple, neat, and quick.
In, "The Show," you: A) Select the runner, B) Push the button corresponding to said runner, C) Point him to the base you want him to go. Screw that! I down a Dog and a Beer in that amount of time!
The not so good part is when you want to steal a base. Though the computer steals on you, like you've got a 12 year old behind the plate, your player must get the right lead, and exactly the right jump, or he's hosed! Even Carl Crawford gets shot down 6 out of 10 times. Ya, it's a little frustrating, but hardly a deal breaker when you consider, you have sliders to adjust. Screw it, adjust those sliders! (Base running: 10/10 – Stealing: 4/10)

Your Player: Creating your own player who starts in the minor leagues, and works his way through to Cooperstown is probably the most addictive, and entertaining aspect of this game.
It is challenging, but points are liberally given for each goal in the game you complete. As a pitcher it might just tell you, "Get the batter out!" For that you get points which you than increase attributes with. I personally as a pitcher have concentrated on, "Control," (Location, location, location,) and movement. It has served me well.
Earning more points, making your player better almost becomes an obsession. Highly addictive, and a real blast.

The best of the rest:

The announcing is like you're watching "Sunday Night Baseball." My wife had no idea I was playing a video game. It is simply outstanding. Yes, there is sometimes a gaff. For instance, they may say, "There's a fly ball to left," and you've popped out to the third baseman, but hey, it is a computer game, hardly something that pisses me off.

I've done a review on MLB 2k10, because after playing 2k11, I found they are virtually identical!!! SAVE YOURSELF $60.00 and just get 2k10, unless you really feel the need to have the updated rosters.

The game is outstanding, addictive, and tons of fun for the money. About $14.94 on Amazon, rather than getting boned for $60.00 for the new game.

Honestly, this is the best game I've played since EA had, "Major League Baseball, 2005. Finally 2k got this right.
I'll wait for 2k12 to see if it is worth the extra bucks. Until than, you will really enjoy this game!

Extremely well done….finally!