Why was this game even made?It feels like 2006 yet!

User Rating: 4 | Major League Baseball 2K10 PS2
It's ashame for this version because the gameplay isn't that bad but everything around it is.The swing stick is nothing special at all and i've heard that from alot of people and it feels fake with no batting feeling at all.The replays stink too and where are the night games at in Franchise mode?The players look horrible and you yourself have to edit the batting stances for every single player!C'mon 2k,you wanna sell games put some time into this game.The Show ps2 version I heard has sold the most games this year out of every mlb game.They atleast update something new every year so you are excited to get it.That's why The Show is still going strong and for a long time down the road.2k just does't get it.Please 2k,don't bring out 2011 if nothing is going to be updated.(I also like the white versions of Michael Bourn and Andrew McCutchen,Hilarious!