Better Than 2K9 By A Long Stretch!

User Rating: 8 | Major League Baseball 2K10 X360
MLB 2K9 was a disaster: home runs left and right, absurd gameplay, bugs and glitches, ugly player models, and scores you would expect from a football game. It was clear that it was rushed like crazy. MLB 2K10 fixes all of that: The gameplay is more coherent and tones down the hitting streaks considerably. The commentary by Steve Phillips, Gary Thorne, and newcomer John Kruk (save for the wii port) is dynamic, the ballpark sounds (cheering, batting,etc.) really enhance the atmosphere, and the players look more defined. The controls also show a major improvement: it makes stealing and guiding your player(s) on the field a pleasure rather than having them fidget around the ball in 2K9. My player mode is a nice new feature: guiding your player from the minor leagues to the major leagues. The music soundtrack is the only complaint i have: its annoying. It tries to appeal to many fans of such groups as The Black Keys, Daughtery, Sugar Hill Gang, and Pearl Jam, but it just falls flat on its face. All in all, MLB 2K10 is a major improvement over 2K9: It may be the minor details that got extra notice, but the gameplay is where it really counts. Its atmospheric gameplay will keep you hooked for hours, if not days.