The classification says it all, I was pleasantly surprised by this game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Majin to Ushinawareta Oukoku X360
I'll divide this review into sections (graphics, gameplay etc.):

Very good, nice and crisp with a very natural feel to them. Not much more needs to be said about the graphics apart from that they add to the already superb atmosphere of the game.

Now for the important part, Majin's gameplay is fun and satisfying, no button mashing and not a great deal of repetitiveness, this game has a bit of stealth that is simple but my favourite part of the game *cough cough* stealth takedowns *cough cough* Majin does a good job of adding new elements to it's gameplay every now and then, like using a cannon to fling yourself up onto ledges to collect fruit to restore the Majin's power.

Good, I don't really pay much attention to soundtracks when I'm in-game but Majin's seems to do a good job at helping keep the natural atmosphere of the game. Sound effects are good, for example the hero screams as he is catapulted towards a ledge.

Overall Majin is a surprisingly good game which ticks all the right boxes.