It was a charming,pleasant experience with a nice Eastern feel to it's mythology.

User Rating: 9 | Majin to Ushinawareta Oukoku PS3
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a pleasant gaming experience.It's gameplay can be described as an action/adventure type game where you control one character(a human thief named 'Tepeu')and you can give orders to a huge mythical creature named 'Majin',who the CPU's AI will control for the most part.

Tepeu's attacks do much less damage to enemies than Majin's attacks do and Tepeu cannot withstand being hit by anywhere near as many enemy attacks as Majin can.But Tepeu is needed for some puzzles where only a small character can get into the area where a lever is or so he can be launched from catapults.Tepeu can also perform stealth kills or basic hack n slash style attacks.Tepeu has an advantage which is Majin can heal Tepeu at anytime and sometimes when Tepeu is seperated from Majin,he'll need to use stealth to his advantage.

Majin is very big and powerful and can pound enemies with his giant fists and he can learn magical abilities such as using wind,lightning,fire and crystals as a weapon or for solving puzzles.Majin's health slowly regenerates and Majin cannot use his healing abilities on himself but he can eat fruit that can be found in many places to instantly heal a lot of his health.

Even though Tepeu's attacks are weak,he can combine with Majin to perform some powerful combination attacks on enemies which are executed similar to how quicktime events are done(you have a very small amount of time to press a certain button to do the combination attack).

The puzzles make you think how to use Majin's strength and Tepeu's size as well as environmental objects such as catapults that can launch Tepeu to certain places or that can launch rocks that can smash walls or using Majin's wind blowing ability to blow certain objects out of Tepeu's path or blowing large objects onto enemies or blowing them off their feet to make them vulnerable or using lightning(electicity)to power up switches and lifts or using fire to blow up barrels or for something as simple as asking Majin to lift a heavy door that Tepeu cannot.Even if a catapult is not around,you can make Majin give Tepeu a boost so Tepeu can grab onto and pull himself onto higher ledges and you'll need to look for ledges that will lead to hidden areas that are up high or walls that have hidden areas up high(the walls with hidden areas above them have lizards scaling them).I guess you can think of this game as being inspired by the likes of Zelda or Ico.

I found the gameplay to be fun because it has enough variety to stop it feeling repetitive,for example you could do a bit of combat in one area,solve a couple of puzzles in the next two areas you visit and then you'll need to use stealth in the next area after that.The puzzles come in good variety and are creative.The combat felt satisfying for me because I like how Tepeu is purposely made to be be much weaker than Majin so you have to make an effort to use stealth when you can and to choose wisely when you want to attack enemies with Tepeu such as after they've been knocked down by Majin or when you have the opportunity to perform a combined attack and also you'll want to take advantage of Majin's magic during combat to defeat enemies a little bit quicker,because sometimes there will be numerous enemies and Majin's health is slow to regenerate.Sometimes,you'll encounter flying enemies or enemies that are giant creatures(that are roughly the size of Majin)as well as large bosses(which I won't spoil for you).

The gameplay also encourages you to explore every little nook and cranny in the environments because you can find special types of fruit which increase Majin's stats or the strength of certain magical abilities.Also,you can find armor/accessories for Tepeu to wear to improve his stats.There's many hidden areas in the game,that have fruit or armor/accessories hidden in them too.The game also has a levelling up system,where both Majin and Tepeu level up stats such as max HP,but Tepeu's levelling up is done by collecting XP after defeating enemies or finding XP in chests.

The game will probably take around 10-15 hours to beat,which is reasonable for an action/adventure game and after you beat the game you can still search for hidden items such as fruit and clothing/armor/accessories as well as max out the friendship level between Tepeu and Majin to earn some trophies(doing all this will take a few more hours).

The story for this game is set in a world that is influenced by Asian style fantasy/mythology and is about how a kingdom is being overrun by a dark force that turns humans into undead creatures.A thief who starts off not being able to remember much about who he is or even what his name is,frees a large,mythical creature that has the ability to use powerful magic but he needs to find the magical fruit so he can regain his magical powers and save the kingdom.The creature can't remember it's name either,but he names the thief 'Tepeu' and later the creature gets refered to as Majin.Even though other people have said they didn't feel a friendship/bond grow between Tepeu and Majin when they played this game,I did,I don't know why,but I did.Maybe it's because they both need to use their unique attributes/abilities to help eachother save the world,or maybe it's because Majin has a child like innocence despite his large size and tremendous strength and magical abilities and he needs Tepeu as much as Tepeu needs Majin.Also,the fact it seems as if the people in the world have vanished and Majin and Tepeu are all alone in the world(with the exception of some talking animals) and against all these horrible creatures made me feel there was a strong bond between Majin and Tepeu.

The game has some beautiful environments such as lovely nature-filled locations and you'll see some nice grassy fields,beautiful trees that look like cherry blossom trees,beautiful waterfalls and lakes as well as some being inside buildings that have a nice Eastern influence to them.Tepeu's appearance goes well with the game,his hair that's tied in the middle of his head reminds me of a hair style that many Chinese/Japanese people during ancient times had and despite Majin's large size,he looks like a warm and cuddley creature and I like how it looks like he's covered in grass.

I can't remember much about the music,but I don't like the very Americanized voice acting of Tepeu,but Majin's deep voice with child-like dialogue grew on me.I would have liked it if this game has Japanese VA as an option or even perhaps a Mandarin VO option.

Overall,Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a lovely and creative game.