Majin is kawaii

User Rating: 10 | Majin to Ushinawareta Oukoku PS3
The game is just perfect - not too easy and not too difficult. Honestly cant find any minuses. So, what are the pluses: Not too much fighting - there is also time for thinking and solving riddles. Some of them are a piece of cake - for some I needed time (or help). Characters are adorable. Specially Majin is a breath taking figure. You just must like him. The system of playing both characters is easy and doesnt cause any problems. Graphic is user friendly nothing flashy but correct. Nothing jammed during whole game, no mistakes or such. Plot is quite easy and predictable - but this is not the point of the game. You dont solve a mystery - you must save the kingdom and the princess. Huge plus is the music - it is pleasant and catchy and doesnt annoy you after few hours.
For me the game was a pleasure. If there is continuation I certainly buy it at once.