Just falls short from Epicness

User Rating: 7 | Majin to Ushinawareta Oukoku X360
Majin is a good game infact it is better than a lot of games that came out this year and were nominated for awards ,majin is something new like first prince of persia but the problem is nobody played it ,the reason maybe not proper marketing ,bot let us see what was great and what was not so great ,1st the story was good ,the graphics were great ,it was built on a good engine ,the characters was good and the controls were also good ,now what majin lacked was a linear gameplay seriously i was struck two times in the game finding it hard ,what to do?so if it followed more liner pattern like in Darksiders ,there in that game to you have to do a lot of backtrackking but atleast you knew what you were trying to find ,and secondly the most annoying thing in this game is the continous tripping of majin(specially in the end it was too much),you are ordering majin to attack and THERE he trips ,and takes about 15sec to stand up ,i only got these two problems with this game otherwise it is a complete game with lots of great puzzles and some interesting majin powers in the end ,i enjoyed every bit of it even when i was stuck ,a nice entry in game library with introducing some new concepts and not just copying others ,Recommended

achievements are bit hard to come by in the start but its raining achievements in the end if you build you majin properly