Roughly put together and repetitive, Magus is a dull game who's entertainment value doesn't last past a curiosity.

User Rating: 3 | Magus PS3

I heard nothing about Magus before I rented it and was thereafter glad it was a rental, because I couldn't imagine anyone wasting hard earned cash on this game and feeling good about it later. The most I can say about it is that the game is more or less functional...but then again so are most free to play games and many of those I've played are actually more interesting. When compared to other games in the market considering both it's gameplay and presentation, Magus just doesn't hold up to a it's price tag of $30.


Magus, despite any first impressions it's warrior/fantasy setting and cover might give, is mostly a run and gun shooter. The character, Magus, spends all of his time shooting colored balls of light at enemies who charge up to you in hoards with no attempt at tactics. Sure, as Magus kills more enemies he gets "exp" points in an attempt to add some RPG elements to the mix, but the leveling system is not only confusing and rendered pointless during combat it's also almost completely unexplained. The player is told they can level up, but nothing tells them what any of the stats do or how you can unlock any of the special grenade-like moves with any sort of order. Not that those moves do much in the way of combat anyway, since the main enemy tactic is dog piling the main character all a player really will use in the way of specials is the first area of effect spell every now any then. As far as running an gunning goes, Magus is offered three "gun" types of light; Green, the weakest yet full auto stream of energy. Blue, semi-auto bursts with average damage. Red, random slow shotgun like bursts of heavy energy. Like the spells however, there is not much temptation to switch among them since you never are put in a position where there is much danger of running out of mana aka ammo.


The graphics are pretty sloppy. It reminds me of something you might see in a low res arcade game 10 years ago. The character models stand around and move stiffly with dead, fish eyed faces even during the sad attempts at telling a story. The environments are geographic, jaggy edged rock faces, with flat out of proportioned textures.


Magus is a jerk, and during any part of the story where the player get the option of making conversation with the other characters reflects that, ranging from pychopathicly cruel to cold logic cruel. The game starts with Magus being in prison when a underdressed female assassin walks right in, tells him he is a god, and helps him escape. Magus' motivation after he escapes then seems to automatically jump to wandering around slaughtering everything that moves in order to take over the world, but it's not really made clear as to when, why and for what reason he wants to .


The music was pretty bad. Attempts at voice acting go from mediocre to flat.