Warts and all. This game rocks.

User Rating: 9 | Magicka PC
Simply put the most fun I've had in long time. The game is just straight up fun. Its challenging as hell, super fast paced, action packed, exciting, funny as hell, well silly.

Totally original major ups for that. There nothing like it that I've played. Arcade meets RPG in 2011. Yahoo!!

Yes its buggy, but honestly I jumped in at version and haven't found it to be as bad as some have pointed out buggywise. But I have had some crashes, lagginess, and problems with controller support. And normally I consider bugginess a major factor when critiquing games. But this is just so innovative, so creative, so much damn fun. I can give em a great score. The bugs need to be fixed, its inexcusable to release a game in this state. Nonetheless, the best damn 10 bucks you'll ever spend on a game is right here. Absolutely fantastic.

Now I'm just rambling to come up with enough characters to place the review. The game offers gamepad support, though many are not happy with it. Me personally, I play most everything with a gamepad, as I have my gaming rig hooked to an hdtv and I hate gaming with my lapdesk, if I can avoid it. But I think the gamepad support in itself is ok, I just think they should add some feature for the gamepad clients, like autotargeting to even the score. With a gamepad the element conjuring is slower, so you have to play with a different strategy, more movement and methodical casting as opposed to spamming the keyboard. But the gamepad is more nimble movementwise, so that is what gives the different gaming technique. But without the mouse cursor its hard to target projectiles, so an auto target for the gamepad mode would totally balance it out, IMO.