A Suprising Purchase

User Rating: 8.5 | Magicka PC
I got this on Steam on midweek madness for 5 bucks. didnt know a thing of it, just watched a trailer for it.

What i found was a suprisingly good and addictive game. It does at this point have several bugs that the dev teams have said to be resolved in a timely fashion and several strides have been made already to improve the buggieness.

It comes down to that you're basically a wizard character with an arsenal of 6 elemental spells you can use at anytime. But that's just the tip...the spell casting system in this game is unbelieabley clever. Allowing you to combine different types of elements to create new spells - the manual totes that there are thousands of possiblities and i'm starting to believe it.

The game does seem kind of difficult to start and may be frustrating, but once you get the mechanic down, it is just plain fun.

I highly recommend this game, and i think steam still has it on special for about 10 bucks now, well worth the time and money. It has online co-op where you can battle with up to 4 friends and even combine spells with them.

I can see future updates and mods making this game a huge time sink. Great game.