A game where you can have more control over what you want. Some cards are a more complex in use. It's a trading game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Magic: The Gathering Online PC
This can be a very addictive and expensive venture! At first I was concerned about investing in a game that might leave me with a bunch of cards gone on the net (You have the option of buying actual cards to keep). The cards can be selected by your playing style. There is incredible art here as well. I jumped on board, being in Wyoming where there is limited game play activity. Here you also can play anytime with an internet connection and this software installed. You can socialize, clan together, or simply challenge to tournament level. I like the trading atmosphere. The major trouble is that this isn't on a fair playing field. You can buy rare powerful cards and whip upon the broke and unlucky players. Granted, the more powerful cards need more mana, but come on, I don't see good odds of using any fresh deck to a high dollar built up one. I get fed up with the limitations where I wonder if a particular card can work in any deck.