Strictly for Magic cards fans! Non-Magic players alert!

User Rating: 8.1 | Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers (1998) PC
This CCG converted game features 1-to-1 death-matches with self-built deck of 4th edition cards (old-school!) with Alpha rares such as Black Lotus, the Moxes, Time Walk, etc... versus a computer AI using over a dozen pre-built decks. There are also 80 over new cards in this expansion, including Legends (Storm Seeker!) and The Dark sets!

The other main attraction would be the single-player campaign of Shandalar, where you are in a little RPG world with your character(you can dress him/her up with some crazy clothings and wigs!) running around with Magic cards and defeating evil monsters with their pouches of Magic cards too! Haha! That's quite silly but it's addictive fun.

Curiously, there are a few cards unique to the pc game with a new ability, the 'random' effect, in which the card(enchantment/creature) with this ability can cast random effects generated by the computer on your chosen targets. Weird, but a cool supplement. I spent the most time on Shandalar with replays of different color sets. It's something like the opposite of the World of Warcraft pc game turning into a collectible card game. Definitely a must for Magic fans, even if you don't really play pc games.