The Card Game that Falls a Little Short

User Rating: 6 | Magic: The Gathering PC
Magic is a popular game that has swept the card battle network. While the card game is a lot of fun, the pc game does not live up to the series at large. It is a good translation of the card game into an electronic format, but it is missing out on so many features.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, there are five types of cards: forest, fire, dark, light, and water. With these cards, you have creatures, artifacts, enchantments, lands, instants, and sorceries. You play on a turn based system with a pre-phase, draw phase, main phase, battle phase, 2nd main phase, and end phase. There are restrictions on cards depending on their power and fairness of using the cards (like a creature that is virtually indestructible and too easy to put down on the table).

The biggest missing piece is the online play. It was 97-98, but people still had internet access and could have fun with this online. In addition, the graphics bog down when animations appear and the sound is poor (but what do you expect from a card battle game).

I say look at the sequel.