Why haven't this be turned into a movie yet?

User Rating: 8.4 | Magic: The Gathering PC
It's a wild idea that time to convert a CCG into a pc strategy game even if the card game is very popular, cos your target audience is just so limited. For a crazy Magic fan like me, this MicroProse developed pc version is a virtual dream come true. Basically a collectible card game(CCG) requires at least 2 persons to enjoy and this pc version makes that requirement down to just 1. You yourself. It's quite an anti-social approach but hey, now you can even start a match at 4.00 am in the freaking morning.

The features include 1-to-1 matches with self-built deck of 4th edition cards (old-school!) with Alpha rares such as Black Lotus, the Moxes, Time Walk, etc... versus a computer AI using over a dozen pre-built decks.

The other main attraction would be the single-player campaign of Shandalar, where you are in a little RPG world with your character(you can dress him/her up with some crazy clothings and wigs!) running around with Magic cards and defeating evil monsters and wizards with their pouches of Magic cards too! Haha! That's quite silly but it's addictive fun.

The graphics are old-school but depict accurate physical visuals of the Magic cards, makes you wanna buy the real cards! The soundtrack is pretty amazing with some memorable Arabian Nights-influenced fantasy tunes. If you are an old-school Magic fan, MicroProse's Magic: The Gathering may turn you on, IF you still can find this lying around somewhere, and re-live the fun of playing those legendary Magic card combos that make today's Magic community so flourishing.