Absolutely great game, if you are not yet familiar with the Magic world, this game will turn you into an hopeles addict.

User Rating: 8.7 | Magic: The Gathering PC
I must admit that I was completely ignorant about Magic: The Gathering card game. I only downloaded this game as a result of a positive review in one gaming magazine. But now, after only couple of days of playing, I am buying the cards to play with my friends and introduce them into this fantastic world. As a player that never played the card game before I found this game to be really interesting, challenging, ant ultimately time-consuming. Although the graphics are a bit simple, especially in world screen when playing the campaign, the first duel will make you forget it. The thing that makes this game so good is it`s "playability". After some time is spent for learning the concepts of the game, you will be pulled into fantastic world of magic that you will never want to leave again.