CLAMP's classic story comes to life as a warm hearted action / RPG from the guys at Working Designs.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mahou Kishi Rayearth SAT
If you haven't ever heard of CLAMP, then you must not be the regular manga reader, but back in the mid 90's these four ladies wrote an epic adventure called Magic Knight Rayearth. The three books series later was made into a TV show and in 1995 the game was released in Japan. It took Working Designs over two and a half years to convert the game over to english and fix the "missing data" problem but in late 98 they released the game in usual WD style. Full color manuel, 3 different disc designs, and ever ram cart stickers cam packed along in the shiny foil front and back of the case.
Working Designs is a master of top notch presentation for their games.

Now for those who never hear of MKR until now. Well the story takes place in modern day Tokyo atop Toyko Towers. A few class full of childern are looking out over Toyko when we meet our heroes Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu for the first time. After that they get transported to the world of Cefiro and meet a wizard named Clef and then the games really begins from there.

For starters the game plays alot like Zelda but you are in control of all three girls at once not just one. They each have their own weapon and different spells that they can cast. This adds a little bit of depth to the game. Now the monsters never seem to be to hard at any point but boss battles can get a little hectic at time. The areas you explore are plain but all different and unique in their own right. The FMV is all handdrawn and adds to the overall story. Graphics wise the game is very bright and colorful event. Everything is hard drawn and give the game a nice and tried feel to it. Nothing to shabby to say the least. The FMV are great quality but at times can be grainy.

As for the sound, well they're you're usual sounds of the day. Not really better or worse. The music is great and at times catchy and enjoyable.
If you really are into the sound then you can collect all eight rainbow amulets through out the game to get a bouns sound test and out-takes of the voice actors.

Overall MKR proves to be a fun little title for almost anybody, casual to die-hard game fans. If you want a fun timeless title to throw in the old Saturn, then this is the way to go!