A Weak Working Designs Title that is still very appealing to RPG fans

User Rating: 7.9 | Mahou Kishi Rayearth SAT
When I say this is a weak Working Design's Title that should not take away from the quality of the game, because a bad title for working design is a good title for Square Enix. This game was not able to surpass Albert Odeasy and Shinings of the Holy Ark as the best RPG's on Saturn, but that is a tall task in itself and should not be held against the game. This game seems to be misunderstood by most reviewers and RPG players, this is a very Japanese style RPG one of the first to really hit a mainstream North American RPG market, the story which is very well laid out and told through very solid character development and a very good chain of events which leaves the players guessing through the balance of the game. The story is based about a group of girls, who have magical power who must do what they can to stop an evil, as generic as this RPG tale may sound there are lot of interesting twists and perhaps one of the first RPG's that intigrated humor that in some cases doesn't really translate but still quite funny. The fighting engine is new, and is somewhat interesting it took some time to get used to but if you can get used to KOTOR's fighting engine then this should be a snap to even some of the more novice RPG players. The Spells and attacks look very polished for the time and the enemies tend to be a touch repeatitive, but that seems to be common place with most RPG's of this time anyway so something that can more then be forgiven. The game itself is not as long as other Saturn Working Title RPG's but most gamers should walk away happy after just under 30hrs of gameplay, -Z