Massive Action Game.....My A**!

User Rating: 2 | MAG PS3
Ive heard of MAG for years, but never got around to try it. Know i have learnt that it is suppose to be an extreme online game for action/shooter fans. it should beat COD, HALO and MOH games. with the 256 players to be able to join.

So what happens once you put the game in your system?

Well i will tell you, as my experience with the game so for me meeting of an RPG / stratergy menu. My first reflection was ... When does the game begin?

It Reminds me of online shooter (brink)., And I really do not like when guys have names like flies above their heads, otherwise it was on early versions of counter strike. And as this game is similar to (brink) resembles this game even though Half-Life orange or what the game is now called, where you choose different characters / occupations.

This game is more for online nerds. (no offense intended). in might aswell say online fanatics, if u ratherkool want this to be called that.

This game is not for real shooter fans. Those of us who want action and easy (control) gameplay. So for shooter fans like myself (Whom really love campaigns), you are better off Choosing games like Homefront, Rage, Singularity and even Resident Evil 5 (I know it is a 3rd person shooter, but it is good.).