256 players sounds great, but you will not be blown away by this shooter.

User Rating: 7 | MAG PS3
Let's start this off by saying I was pumped for this game I even pre-ordered it, but when I played this game I definitely wanted my 60 bucks back, and that's because of the sub-par graphics, team killers and the lack of a story mode.

When you start up the game you must choose a side in this "war". S.V.E.R, Valor, or Raven. Valor is the American military type, S.V.E.R. is the middle eastern guerrilla warfare group, Raven is the English technology based company. Next, you will want to go jump into 256 player match with your friends, but no, no, no. You have to do the completely boring training mode first. Then your thinking 256 player matches here I come, but you must do 16 v. 16 mode and that's not helped by the fact that there are only three ugly PS2 graphically capable maps to choose from.

And then comes 64 v. 64 and your ready for some team based strategical shooting right? Wrong, your team mates are mostly 10 year old kids who would rather shoot you in the back then help your team progress.

Then the final moment comes along the 128 v. 128 match, what everyone was waiting for, what zipper has been bragging about, and your ready to play, but you better have some extra time because you can wait a very very long time for one match. And it is barely even worth it because the same problems that plague the other game modes are filling this one!

Although i have been saying mostly negative things throughout this review I would like to say a few positives. MAG delivers a mostly lag free experience, has a good leveling up system, and though it happens once in a blue moon, if you get a good team of people who want to cooperate the game is very enjoyable.

Zipper did an alright job with this game, but It was over hyped and a lot of people who bought it have sold their copies, so now it is easy to find a used copy for 10 to 20 dollars. Which I think Is a fair price. Now this game is far from a excellent shooter, but if you find it for anywhere lower than 20 dollars I say pick it up and see if you like it.