8.3/10 unfair gameplay and SVER players keep this game from greatness.

User Rating: 8.5 | MAG PS3
MAG is at times highly addictive. but uneven gameplay and features can have you immediately going back to call of duty or bad company 2. just like other popular multiplayer games like bad company, or fat princess, you can earn points for almost anything in mag (reparing, healing, planting explosives, and of course killing). mag has enough maps to satisfy although some people say its not enough since its a multiplayer only game. mag will keep you playing unless you cant keep up with the constant mayhem especially if you are playing the domination matches, but if you can keep up it is an intense 20minutes. some of the things that myself and many other people have noticed are the unfair weapons especcially SVER weapons. i am on raven and i always hear people talking crap about sver (i got kicked once for saying im gonna switch to sver lol) because they get overpowered weapons, including extremely accurate sniper rifles, and for some reason everyone on sver is a camper and is scared to come fight face to face. but if you dont care about the cowards on sver or the fact that you can get shot down incredibly easy while parachuting, then mag is the game for you.

sincerely yours tkpanda, your future ruler