Massively fun game that isn't like any other fps out on consoles ATM.

User Rating: 9 | MAG PS3
I've been playing this game through the BETA and I just have to say that if you like FPS, tactical team combat and aren't expecting MW2 you should go and buy this game immediately.

It starts off kind of slow with 32 v 32 games but as soon as you unlock acquisition/domination the game really pops. You need to learn to work with your teammates and trust them. When you get this down and start to figure out the way the game plays you are completely immersed in the matches to the point where you can break off and make your own game.

You can use silenced SMG's with sensor jammers to infiltrate the enemies bases, suppress on the front lines, become a merciless sniper, help your team by playing as a medic, take up a repair gun and become an engineer. The combat is huge and by that I mean you have a large amount of sandbox desicions to make as you play... if that means take a APC and supporting another squad as they take the anti aircraft guns or sneak behind enemy lines with your friend to repair a bunker and stiffle the enemy advance.

If you like MW2 but think it isn't tactical enough or is too niche oriented(noob tubers, runners with shotguns, knifing builds dominating the game) or if you get into Battlefield games and socom games... than this game is for you! Join a PMC of your choosing and fight the shadow war.