Just LOVE it!

User Rating: 10 | Mafia PC
This game was a blast when I bought it when it first came out. I was really addicted to it. Computers have died, hard disks failed and several OS's later I have pulled it off my shelf; blew the dust off to see if it will work on my new Acer with win 7 64.. Sure enough with a little tweaking ... I'm back in the game and it is a NEVER get boring game. ! I have a difficult time with the race but probably the most difficult in the game. Patches help make it through this but difficult to find. GAMESPOT has the mods and updates that help this game stay off my shelf. The game has pretty much faded away but it is a worthy one to pull back out and keep going. The new Mafia 2 is fun but the "GOOD OLE" gang is the true MAFIA! If you have this on your shelf, try it again as the new OS and upgraded performance of computers now still bulk a little on this great masterpiece! Resurrect Tommy in Mafia!!