Borrows every Idea from every classic Gangster Films from the Godfather to Goodfellas and makes it fresher than ever

User Rating: 9.5 | Mafia PC
Mafia is the story of betrayal loyalty murder and love, you play as a character called Tommy Angelo confessing his past to a cop all his years as a top mob Gangster the rise and fall if you will, as cliched as it sounds this is one of the best games ever made in my opinion.

Mafia is no Grand Theft Auto it is a story driven violent masterpiece that's gets right under your skin while there is some comparisons to GTA obviously the free roaming and open world but just going round killing people and cruising is not what this game is about, it is about the jobs you finish the friends you meet the wife you gain the respect you earn and the betrayal that inevitably comes closer and closer.

The best thing about Mafia apart from the story is the missions you take part in, every single job is diffent and makes Grand Theft Autos jobs looks incredibly lame, there are so many violent shootouts one takes place in a church another takes place in a car park and even in the countryside. Remember Tommy out of Goodfellas well we have our own Tommy in Mafia his name is Paulie and hes just as a sick Bastard as Tommy the characters are really well developed and the don is just as memorable as Don Corleone.

Mafia has this enduring quality to it which is once your playing Mafia you cant ever leave the game your just too sucked into this world of violence and it never lets up it really does grab you by the balls and will not let go.

Mafia is in my top 5 games ever made it is so original so put down your copy of Gta 4 and venture into the past with this Instant Classic