A Masterpiece Lost In GTA's Shadow

User Rating: 9.5 | Mafia PC
Mafia is one of the most underrated games in VGS history, i don't know if this is because the fact it came after GTAIII or is it the race or the lack of freedom for the sake of quality or is it the police or what is the definitive reason.

I won't spoil the story but all what I'll say it's a classic mob story (with a style) with a lot of good elements (Music, Weapons, Gameplay, Cars, Cutscenes , Narration and Characters And More Plus the Graphics was a blast back in 2002).

For the music it's perfected between a music score by Vladimir Simunek and 30s music in the radio just listen to the main theme to know what I'm saying.

Weapons classic 30s weapons like Thompson 1928, Colt 1911, Mosin-Nagant 1891/30, and more just try The Thompson to know what I'm saying .

Gameplay for those who hate the race level i got four simple words for you (try the garage level).

Cars another simple point get through the tough handling stuff to know what it feels like to drive A Lassiter V16 Appolyon, or Silver Fletcher or A Bolt-Thrower down in Oak Hill to get my drift.

Cutscenes , Narration and Characters easy ones too as for the cutscenes the very first cutscene will let you feel that you got a masterpiece on you hands or the race level first briefing
on the race level (Fairplay), Bon Appetit! mission cutscenes or any of the Intermezzos.

Narration i got two lines in my head after 7 years of playing this game but I'll only mention one cause the degree of spoilers in it isn't very high it's (There ain't no way back now, Tom, I'm sorry.) you gotta know the story to feel it, cause in my opinion the narration in this games is a competitor to GTAIV And Metal Gear Solid Series.

Characters Two Words (Don Salieri).

After 7 years of being a fan for this game i finally came to pay my respect by writing this review.

It's way better than The Godfather I And II, Scarface, True Crime And Saints row Series.

As for Mafia II its a HUGE disappointment for me as it came short on every strong point Mafia I had even after 8 Complete years of delays.

As For The GTA Series, VC And SA feels half finished in comparison with it although those two are a very very very great games, but i think that GTAIV which came in 2008 (that's 6 years after Mafia I release) is the true successor for this game.

So Just Give Mafia I A Chance Guys.