Unique experience.

User Rating: 10 | Mafia PC
Amazing, the best in series. I've been lost many hour of playing this game and I'm not regretting. My advice is if you have time, you should try this old but nearly perfect game.

Remind me on Good Fellas movie (don't dare to spit on your boss), have some similarity with few mobster movies, but without competition the best game from last decade. Mafia 2 is great game too with better sound track but story is for my taste is to complicated, compounded with many unfamiliar faces.
Graphic for 2002 is really good, sound is outstanding, story line in unforgettable although little repetitive, music is cool, weapons are alright.. The best thing were cars, free roaming in almost perfect participated world and of course sensation that you are really in 30s years of 20th century.

Ten is maybe not objective grade (it just can't be), but what can I do when I love this game. By the way I lost third year on collage because of mafia, that's the true love :)