Play Mafia on Windows 7 PC, easy solution (not steam-version).

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Install was 100% from cd on win 7.
But the game didn't start, nothing happened.
The solution is to change compatibility mode. I changed to "XP SP 2". You find this option by right-click on "Game.exe"/properties and then click compatibility.

The game now runs perfect.
And there's an update to 1.3 in cd as well.

I've seen other guides much more complicated.
- But don't think that's necessary.

(For steam-version I guess you don't have to do anything).

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@@@Fotboll10: Hi,

I must be the last guy on the planet to get the news. I haven't been able to play my regular, original "Mafia" game for some time on my PC.I read somewhere that those Cruds at Microsoft updated everyone's software on an "update" that pulled the plug on my Win7 OS's ability to play the old games. Apparently someone wrote a workaround that I couldn't understand so I've been unable to play it. It was one of my favorite games to play. I'm 70 yrs old and like the older games. Do you have any info at all that would allow me to fix this on my computer please? I'd be forever grateful. Thanks very much. Mike... lavet

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I've been trying to make the original CD work on Windows 10 with no success. I'm now running it on my old computer which has Windows 7 installed. The game works but there are some pretty nasty graphics bugs. I guess the hardware is just too new. I'll have to get an older PC just to play my old games that I have on CD.