Feeding this to the Fish would kill them.

User Rating: 3 | Mafia III PS4

Firstly anyone thinking this is a 10 must be high,getting money or not care about the actual game portion. This game is bad. Graphically,physics, fun factor, all bad. Once you finish this game you will not go back to it. The world is nothing but a backdrop. You can do next to nothing in it other than walk and drive. Than in an ironic and hilarious twist the developers who warn you about the racism chose to make your interactions with the world only violence. Hey, see that store you can enter, well your black so you can go rob it or trespass in the back to get a collectable. Its laughably ironic, no? They may be dealing with the racist South but I think they have their own issues they should have figured out as well.

I am not a fan of the story, its cliche. Your mad and out for revenge than just become an errand boy for everyone. Typical open world story. The style in which its told is different and the only interesting thing about it. Graphically its terrible, just look at a car, even with my settings the darkest they can be it still looks bright and not colorful bright, just a white filter bright. If it gets cloudy its cloudy for 3 seconds before sunny back to clouds, like the Sun is on a 10X speed loop, The popup is awful, I can't remember the last time I've seen such horrible popup in a game, a broken jack in the box has a smoother popup than this. I've crashed into several objects that were not visible and only showed up several seconds after I crashed and stopped moving. I stood by a woman for about 5-10 seconds before her flower basket showed up. I had a small road construction site spawn 10 seconds after I mysteriously crashed into an invisible wall.

Missions are the same go here kill everyone than when your done and going after the "boss" you will go back to one of the locations you already cleared and kill everyone again. Though they do take risks, like you can kill everyone and than free some people,or collect some stuff or....oh yeah kill everyone and destroy some stuff.

The environment is a total miss. Its muddy and just background. There is very little to do and places of interest are void of any NPC's or not even enterable or both. There's so many places you can't go because they will not allow you to climb short walls or open gates because they are just for show. NPC's will slide away if you hit them at a low speed with a car, crashing into a bush is the same as crashing into a building. This game is a poor effort and sad that this was greenlight and funded when so many other games would have been more deserving of that money. No amount of patches can fix this game. Once again the game industry has shown us it can't be trusted and given us a terribly made game. But hey if a soundtrack and story are the only reason you play games than maybe you will enjoy it, but if you actually like playing the game portion and doing fun things while you play this is not for you or anyone.