With swagger and realism, Mafia II brings us a gaming experience that wont soon be forgotten!

User Rating: 10 | Mafia II X360
Get ready to step into the shoes of a mobster with Mafia II. With a great story and fantastic graphics its easy to say that this is one of the best Mafia experiences ever to meet the television. A game like this is truly hard to critique as it contains very few flaws.

The Highs: Where to begin... The graphics are surprisingly well done for an open world action shooter like this one. In other open world games the graphics have been rough around the edges and quite simply sub par. However, Mafia II has graphics that are very well polished and add a nice effect to the game. The story is what truly makes me give this game a high score as it truly gives the gamer a realistic dose of how cutthroat the life of a mobster can be. The characters are what makes the story so interesting as they all have bold and distinct personalities. Its a blast to rob stores, hijack cars, shoot-up the town, and make some easy money taking people out. Too much to enjoy, so little to complain about.

The Lows: Although there is hardly anything that goes wrong for this game, like all others it does have some room for improvement. First there are long driving sequences in the game play that can get quite monotonous. And lastly, the ending wasn't entirely as grand as the rest of the game as it seemed a bit rushed and had an undesirable outcome for one of our beloved characters.

Overall: I would recommend this game hands down to any gamer that loves open world shooters, or if you just love a good story this game is definitely for you. Overall Mafia II passes with flying colors earning a 10/10! Congrats 2k you have produced a masterpiece!