Best of the Bargain Bin

User Rating: 8.1 | Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood PS2
I love these shooting gallery games. Made Man fits right in the same category as Shadow Ops, Serious Sam, Soldier of Fortune, Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, Dead Man's Hand, and Max Payne. Speaking of Max Payne, this games rips it off in all the oddest ways. The menu fonts, graphics, cover art, and one of the boss encounters are all taken almost entirely from Max Payne. The gunplay, on the other hand, is the exact mirror of Max Payne. Made Man has its own version of bullet time called "Kill Rush", but you'll spend as much time using it as you do not using bullet time in Max Payne. The basic gunplay is almost exactly like Max Payne's- brain-dead enemies, controls that are hard to use accurately unless you're standing still or in bullet time- but with an added bonus... a cover system. The cover system actually works quite well most of the time. You never end up taking cover behind something you don't want to, and it's never so cheap to use that you can take out everybody with ease by using it. While Made Man is mediocre in most regards, it shines in others. The physics engine is far beyond what you'd expect for a budget title with destructible environments, objects that react pretty realistically, and some decent death animations. The gore is well-done, but not overdone, and sound appropriately painful. And while we're on the subject of sound... the voicework by the main character is top-notch, while the others are hit and miss. The story that's being told, while slightly confusing, is great stuff, and better than any other budget title aspires to. The music, though odd, is oddly appropriate for the setting and style of the game and sets a different more casual mood to the proceedings. The gun sounds, like the voiceovers are hit and miss, but tend to do their job adequately. All in all, if you don't mind a brain-dead shoot-fest with a couple of nice perks ($20 price tag), this is worth the money and time you'll invest.

Pros: -Some good voicework -Great story -Copies from the best -$20! -Nice soundtrack
Cons: -Some awful character models -Some awful voicework -Excessive foul language -Stilted controls -Still feels like a budget game