MaddenNation ps4 sim league (win prizes)

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#1 feelinamazin420
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Looking for active users only

Sim league

All Madden difficulty

Updated roster

Must join site and group me

Check for details and rules MUST CONFIRM YOU READ THE RULES

MY PLAYSTATION ID IS bornwinner8713 you can also add me and message me for details

Won't start until league is full

We will be giving out prizes this year could be small GameStop gift card or sports memorabilia

Prizes are given out based on these 3 components.

1. Staying an active member (playing all your games,being active on site as well as group me,helping admin, and contacting your opponents before advance)

2. Amount of violations a owner receives.

3. Following the rules and respecting other owners.

We don't give prizes based on how many wins you have.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of every season and we plan on keeping this going