Long-running SimStyle Madden 25 ps3 league has 3 open spots

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If anyone is looking to join a league on PS3, OMFL has 3 open teams at this moment: Bears, Colts and Oilers (relocated Jaguars team). We are in the 4th season, week 11. This league has been around on ps3 since Madden 10, and was active as a PC league since 2001. You can check out our site here: http://www.daddyleagues.com/omfl25 and we have our own forum/website for rules, game scheduling, etc here: http://forum.onlinemaddenfootballleague.com/

Our commish is DJDunn, and if you have aim, the best way to get going is to contact him there, aim name is djdunn6 or email at DJDunn@verizon.net

Other notes:

All-Madden level with custom slider set, 9 minute quarters using accelerated clock. Advances occur every 3 days. After this current (4th season) we will have the rookie draft and the 5th season, as well as a few tournaments afterwards to pass the time before Madden 15 comes out. For Madden 15, we will be moving the league over to PS4, so anyone in the league at the end of this version is welcome to migrate over to the PS4 league