Bug or Feature - Edelman vanishing from Roster

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Realise most folks have probably moved onto PS4 now but I still have a PS3 and recently got a copy of Madden25.

I have 1 question and 1 very annoying Bug I think

1. Started an offline connected Franchise with New England as a Rookie coach. Julian Edelman is in my team for first 3 pre season games and then he simply vanishes from Roster and I can see no new stories or understand why?

This ruined the season for me as he's one of my fave players so I start over. This time I select online connected franchise. This time I also sign Randy Moss as Free Agent. Come the 4th pre season game Moss AND Edelman have vanished? I see a story saying 'Pats release Moss' but I never did and why would I after only signing him 2 games ago. Also where is Edelman?

What is happening?

2. I understand there is a patch for Madden 25 but its not automatically downloading as far as I can tell. How do I make this happen?

Thanks in advance