Anything with Ray Lewis on the cover is a good thing.

User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 2005 PS2
The Madden franchise is one of the best video game franchises ever .EA Sports doesn’t disappoint you in this installment. With brand new features, this game will please any football fan.

Madden 2005 is great follow up to an absolutely stunning game. I didn’t know what to expect this year, I did not know how you could get any better then Madden 2004. It’s hard to make a perfect game better. Then EA comes out with Madden 2005, with new features and ideas look like Madden 2004 never existed. Absolutely brilliant. The game's new tweaks on the franchise mode add a new element to playing football on consoles. This year they take it to the next level with new features like E-mail, local and national newspapers. One of the best things is the new Radio Talk Show, where you not only hear about news around the NFL, but also interviews which is always interesting. It seems like real life scenarios. This idea is a nice compliment to EA's brilliant soundtrack. The game's owner modes, where you control prices are all still their, along with naming captains and making sure your team morale is high. Players can become icons in the league which gives your players and team prestige.

The gameplay is better then ever with a new kicking style where you can see your power and accuracy in number form. You can actually miss a PAT if you do not try to kick it straight. I use to make PATs without even looking at the screen. Since Ray Lewis is on the cover there is a new emphasis on defense this year where hitting is 100% better, tackles that will make you cringe and an all new Hit Stick. The Hit Stick can help you win games by delivering a bone crushing blow to the opponent and causing a fumble, or missing the offensive player completely and allowing a touchdown. It’s a great idea but should be thought for use wisely. This year has a more realistic look on running the football, making long runs tough to do but oh so much more enjoyable when it happens. I think people from EA must of used satellites because the stadiums look beautiful along with the hardcore fans that'll appear on camera almost every game. Gameplay is so fun that you and friends could spend days locked on the tv never putting down the controller..

Everyone knows how great the Madden franchise is. If you love football, you don’t want to miss out in this game because it won’t disappoint anybody.