For this being an 11 year old Madden NFL game it's awesome!

User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 2002 GC
Madden NFL 2002! released in 2001 is ofcourse a football game with the liscensing of the NFL! Madden 2002 was the first on 3 gaming systems and the last for 2! Madden 2002 was the last EA Madden offering for the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64. However like Madden 2001 was the first for PS2. Madden 2002 is the first for the GameCube,Xbox, and Game Boy Advance. Madden 2002 is one of the greatest NFL games I have ever played. The gameplay is very fast and smooth, The graphics for 2001 standards! ARE FREAKING AWESOME! This was also the first Madden to feature the Houston Texans the 32nd team in the NFL! The game features Play Now,Season,Franchise,Create A Team,Rosters, and User profiles. So some cool neat features like that add some flare to the game. I play Franchise mode instead of season because I like to be Super Bowl CHAMP! and play mulitple seasons and become unstobbable! The gameplay is excellent the commentary is superb and the Running game, passing game and defensive game are off the charts! I have to say Madden 2002 is my #2nd Favorite NFL game of all time! What's really awesome about Madden 2002 is it's awesome replays the game has! I swear they should have not got rid of these AWESOME AWESOME REPLAYS!!!!! If you do a run it shows a sideline fan view of the play you just ran if the play is good, and then passing replay shows a replay of the pass and then cuts to a replay zoomed in to the ball which LOOKS VERY REALISTIC FOR 2001 gaming on the GC! until the reciever catches it. This game is truly awesome! If you are a fan of older Madden games I would pick this one up.