Fun, But These Games Are All The Same.

User Rating: 7.5 | Madden NFL 2002 N64
Madden NFL 2002 is probably the last madden to come out for the Nintendo 64 and it seems like there all the same. The controls and graphics look the same, I want a different style of game play and I am kind of mad that they couldn't get a little more creative and make some thing to look forward to future to come. But, its madden, and madden games are fun. This game packs all that classic style game play into it, with a little better graphical issues and some better sound quality and game menus. Yiou can start a new season as usual or play for the superbowl, it's a classic style of madden. Though, these madden games get very anoying after a while, it's still a great game, and probably one of the last football sims for the Nintendo 64. If you looking to get a football game for the n64 I would reccamend NFL Blitz but if you can't find it, get this game, it brings everything to the table that your looking for in a football game. Thanks madden and thanks for reading. 7.5/10