Sometimes old sports games are fun Madden 2002 isn't.

User Rating: 5.7 | Madden NFL 2002 PC
Usually outdated sports games are fun Madden 2002 isn't mostly because I played this game so much back when it was good. But if you play a newer Madden game then play an older one there is some noticable differences but those are mostly game modes and rosters. But the gameplay is just about the same only it feels tighter in the newer versions.

All 32 teams that are playing now are available to choose from but you have to go through a little trouble if you want to play as the Texans. Since this game is from 2002 the rosters are very different but unless your someone who really cares about having the right player it shouldn't really matter.

The dynasty mode is very good after you play through your entire season it will go into the off-season where you will have a draft and see how many of your players retired. When your playing an actual game its not too bad but the gameplay is almost exactly the same as the newer versions.

The graphics in Madden 2002 are okay but they are much smoother on the consoles and look blocky on the PC. The sound is terrible the anouncers are even more annoying then they are in the newer versions and the soundtrack is small and terrible. Madden 2002's only saving grace it that you can get it for abou two or three dollars but compared to the newer version Madden 2002 just doesn't hold up.