This game has good graphics, but can even be compared to any newer game due the new controls and even better graphics.

User Rating: 7 | Madden NFL 2002 PC
Madden 2002 was the first sports video game that I evered owned and back then I thought that it was awesome. But now I still think its not a bad game but seems a little old. First off, the graphics for PC are pretty solid but could use a little touch up. Second of all the commentary sometimes has breaks in it for 20 seconds make it sound like they don't talk very much. Gameplay is also very simple so anybody can begin playing ounce they get it. Franchise mode is basic but is not that bad ounce you begin it. The only bad thing about the play week is that you you can't only view your team's games. Overall this is not a bad game to own, but I would recommend a newer version of Madden.