continued the ps2 era of madden nfl football

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL Super Bowl 2002 PS2
hey madden nfl 2002 kicks the ps2 era of madden nfl football, into overdrive, while it follows the 2001 nfl season (which was postponed a little bit due to the 9/11 tragedy, and which super bowl xxxvi was moved to feburary), it is a good sim, this is the best one, and what it is to come. i think playing the houston texans, and the other teams and the classic teams is good. so check out this version of Madden NFL. Tournament, Two-minute driil, franchise, and more. this is very good at least, playing madden is cool, so try to find this game on the used bin. i know you may also find 2003, 04, 05 and 06. and first ps2 version, 2001. hey, this is cool at its age. and i know the "curse" strikes as "always". so, get this game if you find it. and the othe versions of madden NFL Football.