A terrible game.

User Rating: 1.5 | Madden NFL 2002 GBC
Game Review-Gameboy Color-Madden NFL 2002

Review 75

Released: September 2001
Developer: EA Sports, 3d6 Games
Game Genre: Football Sim

Opening Thoughts:
1999 and 2000 proved that football games were a waste of time on the Gameboy Color. The inability to see who you were passing to, mixed with only being able to pass to only two receivers, plus not being able to see where the ball was at put a lot on the shoulders of EA Sports developers…they didn’t respond very well to the extra pressure.

The gameplay is much better than previous handheld Madden games. It is also more realistic. Field goals can be blocked, quarterbacks can be sacked, and runners can be stopped. The passing game, however, leaves a lot to be desired. It is almost impossible to stop the computer’s passing game. Offense is also almost impossible. Running is easy, but the computer intercepts or knocks down almost every pass you throw, mainly because you cannot see the receivers you are throwing to because of the GBC’s small screen.

Madden NFL 2002 comes with your standard Exhibition, Season and Playoff modes.

Still can’t see where the ball is, can’t see your receivers and can’t tell who is the quarterback or where they are throwing it to. It is also hard to tell what player you are controlling.

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I don’t know if EA was even trying. After two years, there have still been close to no improvements. The changes that have been made can’t even be called changes.

Controls: Due to limited controls on the GBC, there’s not much to it. On offense, A and B throw the ball to a receiver (that you can’t see, mind you) and if you can ever get a pass completed, the D-Pad runs and A dives. On defense, A dives, the D-Pad runs and B switches players.

Final Thoughts:
EA flukes once again on their last chance on the Gameboy Color. Don’t ever buy or even play a GBC Madden game.