Madden NFL 2001 is a surprisingly fun and enjoyable football game, with many positives to it, changing Madden NFL 2000 a

User Rating: 8.8 | Madden NFL 2001 PC
The Madden football series is arguably the best football series around. It has really blossomed since the beginning of the millenium. We now turn our attention the Madden NFL 07, which I am excited for to release. But enough of the newer Madden games, I am looking at Madden NFL 2001, the first Madden game to officially to have an actual football player on the boxcover.

Madden NFL 2001 is a surprisingly fun and enjoyable football game, with many positives to it, changing Madden NFL 2000 a lot, such as cleaner graphics, more realistic gameplay and so much more.

The first difference you'll find in Madden NFL 2001 is cleaner and better graphics. In Madden NFL 2000, the player models were so-so and appeared sluggish and drunken at times. But in Madden NFL 2001, the players models are smoother and more colourful now. Even the detail on your football players is now better, with all new equipment added to them.

Another new improvement in Madden NFL 2001 is the create player option. Now, the attributes are now set by a slider, which is much easier than holding the arrow like in Madden NFL 2000. You can now also set your players college, and even set up their equipment. Make your QB look more like a QB with QB gloves, and to make him sound even better, make him from USC or Notre Dame.

The Great Games option has clearly changed now. In Madden NFL 2000, there were 10 games. Now in Madden NFL 2001, there are around 35 great games. The Great Games option is also where I give out my first complaint about the game. The first game is where you use the '57 Lions vs. the '57 49ers and you have to rally Detroit from a 27-7 defecit to beat the 49ers. First, it still is Madden and Summerall telling the broadcast. Summerall was a placekicker for the New York Giants during the '57 season. The goal post was right on the goal line back then. It also gets funny in Great Game #2, when you play the classic game, the '58 Colts vs. the '58 Giants. Summerall is broadcasting and playing at the same time!

I also do agree with some of Gamespots complaints. Many times I throw the perfect pass to a player, then he drops it! I also have the problems running the ball.

I also did encounter a glitch in Madden NFL 2001 that easily ruined it for me. The sound just disappeared completely, and now the players look horrible with no hands and no face. Such a game ruined!

That is the reason why I don't have anything on sound in my review, and why I kept Sound at 7, because I am just not sure about it.

I still do say that this is an awesome Madden football game on the PC if you have an old PC like I do. If I did, I probably would have Madden NFL 2003, but I'll stick with this one, it is still a great football game, no matter how old it is.