Im sure it was fun back then but the graphics hurt my eyes

User Rating: 6.1 | Madden NFL 2001 PS
This might be the worst Madden game that I have ever played. FIrst off i would like to say the graphics and controls suck. The graphics on the 64 version of Madden 99 are ten times better than the graphics here. Well, thats the price you pay for a disk instead of a cartridge. In this game like the older Madden games you have to brign up the pass options which can be hard to remeber if your used to playing the newer instalments in the series. The controls are awkward because running is a hassle. Its hard to pass in the older Maddens too. I think that this game makes you feel too rushed and then your passing games isnt as good. The multiplayer isnt that great either because there are just so many other Madden games out there that you can buy that look and play better. I think the multiplayer is bad because Madden is a game that anyone can just sit donw and play, while having to bring up the pass options may make the newer players frustrated adn even after hours playing you will be too. THis game however realy makes you feel more like your watching the game instead of playing it because of all the play stats that come up after each play. I lmyself like that but I can see some diehard sports fans wanting to feel like their in the game, not watching it.