Our first look at madden for the PS2 was a great look

User Rating: 9.6 | Madden NFL 2001 Super Bowl PS2
using the ps2 the game look revolutionary with the gameplay as you go on in the game. a pressure sensitive controller make you feel like you in the game (not really). they way you hit the button will determine how hard you hit the player. create a player is awesome with tons of additions to it.

by this time audible and passing mode and rushing wasn't it should of been, but it sufficed enough to get players to enjoy the game.

the AI in the game isn't that great and if your a madden freak you end up scoring 100 points a game.

overall this game at its time everydoby had with the release of the ps2 and everybody loved it. more or less you will add this to your collection but thats it.